Wow! What a Great Start to the Semester!

I am super excited about the potential of this semester and this group of students. After two days of first day classes, I am encouraged by the positive attitudes and willingness to move (however reluctantly) out of comfort zones.

Remember that I am available for you during office hours (so far, no one has signed up!) and other times if those don’t work for your schedules. I guess we’re ready; let’s ROCK this!

6 thoughts on “Wow! What a Great Start to the Semester!”

  1. I am really excited to be in your class. It has only been a week and I have already learned a few things. I would like to say that I remember some of it from high school but that would be a lie, so it feels like I am starting over from scratch. I am also challenged with today’s technology, but know that it is a reality. And need to learn in order to function in today’s society, both professionally and personally.

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