It’s My Blog, so I’ll Rant if I Want to…

I need to rant, friends; despite knowing that in the scheme of things, my complaint might be trivial and my grievance trifling, I am annoyed and disturbed.

In the course of a work meeting last week, I was accused of being two things I know I am not: tied to lecture (instructor friends know how deep is this cut) and unwilling to “think outside the box.” It’s ironic that just last Thursday, a group of students thanked me as they left the class for “not standing and lecturing to us in a monotone voice.”

I know the accusation is false and was motivated by something not related to me, and yet it intrudes in my thoughts and nags at my spirit. It was a betrayal, kind of, for one, and for another, it is exactly the thing I strive not to be. I take pride in believing that I am an innovative teacher, one of the first to always take on new challenges, try new ideas, and seek the advice of mentors.

One other time (that I recall), I was judged unfairly by someone who came to a conclusion about me based simply on some comment I made, some honest assessment of my understanding of a concept. The person assumed I would remain as ignorant as I confessed to being—at the moment. I did not, and I raged at the injustice, to no avail.

I feel so frustrated and angry, and it occurred to me that I am angry because the whole situation is unjust, and I am (mostly) unable to defend myself or even counter the accusations. I wonder if that’s how it feels to be “other.”

4 thoughts on “It’s My Blog, so I’ll Rant if I Want to…”

  1. I really dislike injustices. Karen in the very short time I have known you, that is farthest from the truth that I can see. “We see in others what we fail to see in ourselves”; this person obviously was seeing something that resembled their own self and was using you as their target. I’m a touchy feely person, so HUGS!

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